Introduction of Kangert & Partners AB

Kangert and Partners AB is a Swedish consulting company specialized in

* company and market strategy

* marketing

* general management

* representing non-Swedish companies in Sweden.

Our prime product areas are: aerospace, defence and electronics.

Kangert & Partners AB is operated as a "virtual" company meaning that the necessary and proper resources, experience and network are brought together for each project. The company is formally registered in Nora, in the middle of Sweden, but also maintain its own office in Stockholm and representation in Washington.

We specialize in large and small system level projects where price and performance are not the only decision criteria for project award.

We are currently supporting several international companies in their efforts in Scandinavia as well as Swedish companies trying to expand in the international market place. Recently we have supported different companies within the Lockheed Martin Corporation as well as other US companies.

Kangert & Partners AB was uniquely created for this type of tasking, we have the right experience and network and will give you just the support you need to win.

Every team, established for a specific task, has the experience, knowledge and network necessary to win the contract or what the task happens to be.

The combined track record of proven success for my teams are unmatched in Sweden and include contracts for

* aircraft

* missile systems

* simulators

* helicopters

* sonar

* munitions

Kangert & Partners AB are team players. All our efforts and undertakings will be closely coordinated with you and your team.

Our concept is to identify decision-makers and centers of influence, distribute the work between our team members according to their special network and then approach these centers with a consistent and coordinated message.

The messages to be distributed to the target groups will be outlined and presented together with and closely coordinated with you and your staff.

By working like this we will be able to

* identify the important decision criteria

* outline the clients strategy

* distribute our messages

* and follow up to get feed-back from the customer community in order to refine or change the your strategy.

This method takes a lot of work and time, but is consistent and has proved to be successful in other projects.

Lastly it is important for me to state categorically that Kangert & Partners guiding principle has been and will continue to be ethical performance in each and every assignment. You can be assured of our absolute adherence to the relevant laws and proper business practices both in Sweden and in the country of our clients.

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